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Connecting with FTP/Windows

Viewing your files on the web

As you probably already know, all students in YSDN have a private folder on the digital locker server where you can store your working files, and they are not viewable by anyone else. However, there is also a section of the digital locker server that is viewable by anyone though a basic web browser, using an HTTP protocol. Here is a quick tutorial on how to connect to digital locker and upload your files so you can view them through a web browser.

1. In Finder or on your Desktop, hit ⌘-K. Type afp://digital-locker.design.yorku.ca.

2. Enter your username and password. By default, they are the same as the login credentials you use to access the computers in the design labs.

3. Select Course_Groups as the volume to be mounted. The Course_Groups volume is the section of digital locker that is viewable on the web.

4. Select the 2005Mw10 folder.

5. Choose your lab's folder, and create a folder that you will identify yourself with.

6. Drop all of your files into this folder.

Congrats! Your files are now viewable online. To access them, visit this site:

http://digital-locker.design.yorku.ca/2005Mw10/[lab folder name]/[personal folder name]/[your file]

If you don't own a Mac, but want to access digital locker from home, it's quite simple via FTP.

  • Download an FTP Client (eg. Filezilla) Be sure to download the CLIENT version, not the SERVER.
    • Host: digital-locker.design.yorku.ca
    • Username: your username (the same one as your York lab username)
    • Password: your password (usually your student # unless you changed it)
    • Port: (leave it blank)
    - elsng elsng