Project 2- Processing Sketches

Hello Sharon,

I would like to apologize for my attendance this semester. Unfortunately my schedule was messed up this year and as a result I'm taking seven courses this semester and the stress and workload has resulted in many missed classes all through the week. I can only hope that this isn't reflected int he work I do for this class. Particularly in this project I've had a lot of difficulty. When I took Interactivity last year at Sheridan college my teacher put most of the emphasis on the course on information architecture. she encouraged us to "borrow" code and then to modify it. as a result my coding is not very strong and I hope that this hasn't held me back in this course.

Once again I'm sorry for my poor attendance.

Sketch 1- Empty Fridge
Sketch 2- Borrowing the Car
Sketch 3- Veggies
Sketch 4- Aisles
Sketch 5- Check the List
Sketch 6- Checkout
- My original goal was to combine the list of groceries with the sound from the checkout however I could not figure out how to combine the two examples sketches together without having matching variables.
Sketch 7- Driving Home
- Originally I was attempting to work with an actual video for this sketch however I couldn't figure out how to re-size the original video or really how to edit the video at all. As a result I chose to use an animation technique I found that can be done through processing. It's a little jumpy but it was the best I could do.
Sketch 8- Full Fridge