Jan 9, 2010

- Created Activity Log and Created Link to Activity Log and Personal Page.

Jan 14, 2010

- Answered a Question on the Q&A page about getting started on the first assignment.

Jan 15, 2010

- Uploaded Exercise 1

Jan 15, 2010

- Uploaded 30 photograph of shoes onto

Jan 28, 2010

- Uploaded first part of Project one onto digital locker. :) Project 1 Part 1

Feb 5, 2010

- Uploaded second version of Project one onto digital locker. :) Project 1 Part 2

Feb 25, 2010

- Uploaded second excercise involving Experimental Typography using processing. Exercise2

March 5, 2010

- Uploaded Second Project. Processing Sketches
- Uploaded Process work for Project 2 and Project 1. ( Only just saw the note saying we needed to post process today. ) Process
-Added a link to the Processing Tips page. This link bring you to student work examples from the VCU Arts Visual Programming course.
- Answered a question in the Q&A Page :
QUESTION: "I am uploading all my sketches and find that the ones with images are taking forever and most of them I can't even wait long enough for them to load.Same with ones that are to be imported into PDFs or Movies. Is there something I can do to load them faster? This only happens when I link them from the digital locker (the applet index.html file).

Do I have to move the image files into the applet folder??
Will the ones that are suppose to be PDFs and Movie sketches load??


ANSWER: I don't think it can be done any faster. It would probably just be your image size. I had a project last year with so much coding to it that processing actually stopped working because there was too much info. It's just the same as any website thing. The large the size the longer it'll take.

No don't move it into the applet folder. That will stop it from working because processing won't be able to find the folder.

I'm not sure about the PDF and Movies thing...I haven't been able to get video to work right for me and I've never tried PDF files. hope I'm not too late to help.
Commented on Kenneth Hou Project 2 ( In the home page) Home
"Hey Kenny, I forgot where were suppose to put up comments, but I absolutely loved your Project 2, though I wasn't in class for the critique to let youknow. Once again great photography. (Feel free to delete this if it bugs you having it here)

March 19, 2010

- Primary Sketches for critique in class.

March 24, 2010

-Answered a question on the Q&A page;
Can anyone help??
Ok so ive been having a lot of trouble with getting my processing image to link up with my website. The only problem is that the actual file contains a .mov

The problem im having is embedding it into my website anyone have a solution???
There shouldn't be a problem with the .mov just make sure that the source file for the .mov is in the proper location in your website folder, it wont be able to search for the processing folder itself.

If the problem is more how to place the processing into the html page then open the processing-made html, copy and paste from the
<!--[if !IE]> -->

to the


<!--[if !IE]> -->

Then you can place this code into a container of the appropriate size in your website html file. This also make it easy to move the processing around the page because it's just a matter of changing the location of the box.

Not sure if this was exactly what you were looking for but I hope it helps.
- Posted a website on the inspiration page: Top Ten of 2010
Monday April 5, 2010:
- added final project Flash
- Commented on Anita's Final project...
-Commented on Tabitha's final Project