Process Work - All Projects

Project 2:

The goal of this project was to document through a series of sketches my trip to the grocery store. Processing is not a strong point for me so I strugeled alot with this project. As a result most of my process is in the form of failed sketches which did not load thus giving me no significant process.

Veggies 2
Thought this particular sketch works I found that the effect used was too abstract to be used to show the trip.

Some Original Photos





Here is my Original Project Brainstorm/Notes. The bottom sketches are ideas for a website directed towards displaying these sketches, however I then found outt hat we had not been asked to do this.

Project 1.1 and 1.2:

Sorry this is being posted so late. But better late than never I guess.
Rough Notes prior to beginning on the computer. The second Image includes the different possibilities of categories for my subject.

Screen shots showing different parts of the process. Also two of them show the files themselves. I don't know how to make a website other than creating a new page for each image upload. The benefits of this is quit loading however as you can see there are an abundance of files.