Tutorials and examples of coding.
Learn about different types of positioning. (The most useful of which for our projects is absolute, but relative and fixed also come in handy.)

An interesting website that allows anyone to create a CSS stylesheet for the same website information. Hundreds of great design ideas.

Top 50 Best CSS Articles and Resources
This post features a collection of the best articles and resources dedicated to CSS techniques, tips, tools, and tutorials.

A List Apart
A great resource that "explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices."


Colour Generator
Upload a photo, and this site will generate two palettes of colour, one dull and one vibrant.

9 Essential Principles for Good Web Design
An article on principles for good web design (also links to further readings).

Colour Lovers
Looking for an interesting and refreshing colour palette? Look no further! Colour Lovers is a great site
with a wide range of palettes to inspire you and get you thinking about combining all sorts of colours together.


The Grid System
A useful site we used last year dealing with functional grids for the web! Be sure to browse and refer back to this gridtastic site for helpful hints and tools for making grids.

Guidlines for creating grids on website pages.

Browser Size

Google Labs - Browser Size
Enter in the URL of any site, and Google Labs will tell you what percentage of people can see which parts of your website. It's awesome!

A very powerful javascript framework that helps you create animations, smoother transitions and advanced javascript effects. Take a look at the demos here.

A great site to see, try and learn the different kinds and levels of Javascript.

Dynamic Drive
Fun Javascript for you to learn.


The Elements of Typography Applied to the Web
Using elements of typography for web-based design.

sIFR 3 | Demo
"sIFR lets you use your favorite font on your websites by cleverly working with Flash, JavaScript and CSS" in an accessible and relatively easy-to-implement way.

Fonts for the people. Use any font you desire while designing for the web with this locally hosted plugin.

Forums / Getting Help and Critiques

Designers Talk
Active design community that is generally quite helpful with troubleshooting or critiques, especially if you are willing to become an active member of the community as well.

CSS Creator
Forum and articles.

YSDN Group Critiques on Facebook
Post work and give/receive feedback from fellow YSDN-ers.

RGD Critique Space on Flickr
Post work and receive feedback from professionals in the RGD community.


Youtube Flash tutorial
This channel on youtube is GREAT for finding tutorials on how to use flash and other adobe programs. This is great because you can see every step and it's kind of like being in class where
you see exactly the steps to take to create something rather than just having screen shots or reading. Check this out if you're more of a visual learner.

Flash Effects
Showcases cool flash effects that you can do with images and even with typography. The great thing about it is it also shows examples of the effects so you see how it works and looks before you actually try it. Some are pretty basic but it may help with understanding certain effects as well.

Flash animation tutorial
Great website that has all the basic and more advanced tutorials to create an animation. It will definitely help with creating your last projects. It shows things like actionscripts, motion tweens, and many more.

Various flash resources that can be helpful in creating with Flash.
Great Flash resource especially for those interested in the powerful ActionScript side of Flash. Good set of forums, tutorials and even downloadable .fla files are available here.

Flash Kit
Another resources site that has plenty of tutorials, forums and a large archive of downloadable .fla's. (And for good measure, some sound loops... because let's be honest, who doesn't love a good sound loop that gives you the nostalgic feeling of site from the late 90's?)

Tweening in CS4 (Video Tutorial)
A quick overview (5min) explaining the powerful new tweening engine in CS4 (great for those who are used to Classic Tweening in CS3). Explains how to use the new tweening engine but also the advantages of it.

Best of Flash Tutorials
A collection of interesting and useful flash tutorials from Smashing Magazine

Introduction to flash
A collection of great tutorials. They are mostly beginner tutorials but they teach you the important basic ones. It also teaches you the basics of flash and its interface.

Actionscript 2.0 Basics
A great website to understand better actionscript and basic tutorials to help you become aware of what is going on when using flash. Explore the rest of the website for further information related to flash and interactivity.

Really good website to understand basic concepts and neat little effects of Flash tools. Also personal experience with website creator, video wouldnt work and i notified him. Within few hours troubleshooting was fixed

Want to get more detail into your websites, meat affects? This I believe is a great site! takes some design elements further than just your average bear.

Layer's Mag.
Neat little site for some random ways to build concepts

Flash Catalyst (CS5)
Watch the "Design Demo" video and explore this as it's going to make getting our ideas, as designers, from concept to execution much easier. The great thing about this is how it allows the designer to really work visually and then hand the files off to a developer, who then can use a solid foundation to work from. You can also check out a really interesting 40min Flash Catalyst intro/overview video here .

Flash and Action Script Tutorials
30 Flash and action script tutorials which can enrich your design skills and may serve as an inspiration for your Flash-projects from a great site called Noupe


Free Sound Project
A great place to download royalty free sound files. Free Membership is needed to access the files, and it has a huge selection of great stock sounds.