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can anyone tell me how to make a sound clip stop? i rollover the clip begins and i want it to stop on rollout or when next "part" of button activated (play on over, stop on down)
okay! do this
put stopAllSounds();
in the keyframe where you want to stop the sound!

If that doesn't work, David showed us this method in class when making the symbol a button, instead of a movie clip. But I think the main function he showed us was in the properties bar, when you upload the audio file, theres an option to "sync" the audio. In that dropdown menu, choose "event" and the audio should work when you roll back over it. If it doesn't play with those options.
Can someone tell me how to make a looping symbol in Flash? I forgot how he told us in class. Thanks!
I'm not sure if this is the right solution or if there is an easier way, but it worked for me..

Make sure all your sections are labeled. Try putting a stop(); at the last frame of your "scene" or whatever part in your timeline (containing that symbol) that you want to loop. That way it should just keep playing over again until you include another function like a button that will start to play another part of your timeline.

If this doesn't help, can you be more specific? What are you trying to do exactly?
So I heard that it is possible to include multiple sketches into one Processing file.
I most likely missed any in-depth mention of this, does anyone have a resource that explains how to go about doing this?

Does anyone else have problems running processing on firefox?? it works sometimes then sometimes its just a blank screen. does it work better on safari?

Can anyone help??
Ok so ive been having a lot of trouble with getting my processing image to link up with my website. The only problem is that the actual file contains a .mov

The problem im having is embedding it into my website anyone have a solution???
There shouldn't be a problem with the .mov just make sure that the source file for the .mov is in the proper location in your website folder, it wont be able to search for the processing folder itself.

If the problem is more how to place the processing into the html page then open the processing-made html, copy and paste from the
<!--[if !IE]> -->

to the


<!--[if !IE]> -->

Then you can place this code into a container of the appropriate size in your website html file. This also make it easy to move the processing around the page because it's just a matter of changing the location of the box.

Not sure if this was exactly what you were looking for but I hope it helps.
Has anyone solved this deal with the freezing browsers?
I know it can't be the Fonts, because some of mine don't use any and still freeze.
I think it might be something about how the browsers define the keystrokes, because that's the only consistent aspect of my Processing files...

If anyone has any ideas, they would be immeasurably appreciated :D
Self-answer: Nevermind, don't need it anymore anyhow.
I am trying to figure out how to stop the array of images, which I have already posted up in the Processing Tips section. It just continuously loops, and I'm trying to make a video output of it. If anyone can help me with that, it would be awesome.
Oh I figured it out! I had to add a restriction to the video so that it would end recording after the last picture frame. This is what I added.
if(frameCount == 63)change accordingly
} else {
mm.addFrame();//adds window's pixels to the movie.
Go here, to see the rest of the code.
I am uploading all my sketches and find that the ones with images are taking forever and most of them I can't even wait long enough for them to load.Same with ones that are to be imported into PDFs or Movies. Is there something I can do to load them faster? This only happens when I link them from the digital locker (the applet index.html file).

Do I have to move the image files into the applet folder??
Will the ones that are suppose to be PDFs and Movie sketches load??

I don't think it can be done any faster. It would probably just be your image size. I had a project last year with so much coding to it that processing actually stopped working because there was too much info. It's just the same as any website thing. The large the size the longer it'll take.

No don't move it into the applet folder. That will stop it from working because processing won't be able to find the folder.

I'm not sure about the PDF and Movies thing...I haven't been able to get video to work right for me and I've never tried PDF files. hope I'm not too late to help.
I want to have a sketch that allows people to pack up a box, so I have the background image working, then I have a transparent layer of the front half of the box so that when images slide behind it, it looks like you are packing it BUT, I don't know how to bring it to the front
I put it last in the code, but that doesnt seem to do anything
i think the image thats being moved overrides that somehow
Any suggestions?
Whatever is drawn last is on top of everything else, so the simplest solution would be to take the part of the code in the draw that deals with the transparent box and just put it at the end of the draw function.
EDIT: If putting it at the end of the function doesn't work, it seems that the problem is either too obscure to solve for us or the whole moving-images-deal can't be overridden.
Sorry for the cynicism :P
When you use a PNG or GIF image with a transparent background in processing, but then export it as a PDF, the background is black... anyone know how to fix it?? ..Thanks!

Importing them into processing with a transparent background.
So are you creating the image in processing, or importing it into processing with a transparent background?...
How do you get the html files to work for processing? I don't think I am doing it properly because they are able to run as .pde but do not work as html when I load it on the Wiki.
Have you exported the .pde file properly?
On the processing window, hit Export...
EDIT...this will create a file called applet, put each applet folder (although perhaps number them differently) into your digital locker, then link to the index.html that is inside the applet folder on your digital locker when you are posting them to the wiki. This will allow us to see your processing outcomes, as well as give us the option to view your source code. Hope that helps!
When I upload my processing work to the wiki, it takes a REALLY long to load, if it loads at ALL. Is anyone else having this issue of their work not showing up on the wiki?
Not sure what you mean by processing work ... text and images are fine but you are not meant to upload export files ... these go on the digital locker with a link from your process page on the wiki.
If I use different fonts in Processing, using createFont and including the .ttf/.otf font in the data folder, how come some don't appear in the PDF? And also how come the text doesn't stay layered in the pages on the PDF like it does on Processing? Both issues are regarding my sketch1 ... Thanks.
I can help your second part of your question. I am not entirely sure why, but when you make a PDF book, each page create a new white background. This allows for no layering.
If you want to get a layered effect in an image use the single PDF page. It for some reason will show the layered effect.

see Schedule and Week 6 for PDF zip file.
HELP; I tried to open the sketch that makes a quicktime movie on my mac at home and it wont work... it comes up like this... ( i have updated my computer and my java and it still doesn't work and its the exact same code that was on the computer at school)... thanks! it worked!
I'm not sure what you mean by 'updated', but since you are getting the UnsatisfiedLinkError I'm guessing that it might be because your java preferences are set to 64bit instead of 32. Try following the instructions here.
Does anyone know how to delay a change in functions in Processing? Nick mentioned some sort of "counter" but I can't find it.
I have a draw funciton that loops images, and instead of using mousePressed() I'd like to try having it automated but timed.

EDIT: Wow, that actually makes sense. It's a shame I forgot to check this page yesterday.
I think that the "counter" he is referring to is a variable that you establish, that increases every time something happens. So you would make a variable at the beginning and set it to zero. (ie. int counter = 0) In the actual draw part of the sketch, you would have a line saying counter +=1, so every time the loop runs, it would count up one. If you wanted something to happen at a certain time, you would then use an if statement, (ie. if (counter >= 30) { .....}) and use counter = 0 to reset the timer. Hope this helps!
Anyone in Fox-Gieg's class do you know what is due tomorrow (Jan29) i forgot something about processing...?
I believe all that is due tomorrow is our Project 01 website, done using either Textwrangler+Css edit or Processing.
For the website, what size of screen should I design for? x_? thx.
I'm guessing its the same size as exercise one which is 960 pixels. or normal screen size which is 1028 x 768.
I am confused as to how I even begin to keep text at a certain width / in a box and justify it.
Any Suggestions?
What I did was created a box with specific dimensions ( ie: height, width) and so when I added the text into the div in the HTML page it related back to these dimensions and kept its proportions. As for justifying the best answer is posted below; add

text-align: justify;

To the box within your CSS stylesheet.

Hope this helps I'm really not the best with this stuff.
How do I add a link from digital locker?
Copy this link and change what is needed:

from course digital locker:
http://digital-locker.design.yorku.ca/2005Mw10/Lab#/username folder/projectname.html

from user's digital locker:
http://digital-locker.design.yorku.ca/2005Mw10/user folder/projectname.html

If the project is in a folder within a folder just add a "/" after each folder name
How do you fix the justification in CSS?
I have found a solution for this project. It only works because we are using filler text.
It does not add hyphens or anything like that but it does break up the words and remove rivers.
it is not accurate!!!

text-align: justify;
word-break: break-all;

Whenever I use apostrophes and quotation marks I get weird characters, how do I fix this?
Go to View > Text Encoding and choose Unicode UTF-8 (In Text Wrangler and/or the browser)
Where do you put feedback on someone's work?
I think an appropriate place would be the discussion board on their project page.
reply: so you literally just click edit, and put a msg on their page? or do you click discussion and make a new post?
reply to the reply: click discussion and make a post.
How can I have a larger version of an image appear elsewhere on the page, when hovering over the smaller version of the exact same image?
Its called a disjointed rollover and here is one site that walks you through it