Project 3: Content and Interface (30%)

The goal of the project is for students to learn the design processes, methods and techniques needed to design engaging interactive experiences. In creating dynamic interfaces, students will incorporate multiple design modalities including interaction, interface and motion that are expressed in temporal and spatial dimensions.

For this project students will use the content developed in Project 2. This material will be further worked and re-purposed for use in this project. Students may need to expand and improve this content so its display is optimized for a new presentation environment.

Conceptual Process
Students will pursue a conceptual approach that includes a visual exploration of the nature of their journey . For example, if your journey was from school to home, you will explore the characteristics of that journey and translate those characteristics into the appropriate visual and interactive language.

Technical Process
Students will use the Flash authoring environment to program and build the functional interface. Integration of additional sound, graphics and animation will be included to produce an informative and enjoyable user experience.

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