Project 1: Content and Grids (25%)

This project is an exploration of interactive design for visual subject matter that is driven by a understanding of the content. As the visual landscapes becomes increasingly more populated, designers are faced with the task of translating complex information into meaningful experiences for their audiences.

This project begins with the acquisition and organization of visual material based on designed objects that we all commonly use. Each student will choose a designed object based on a single theme – for example: chairs, doors, handles, shoes, switches, labels, watches, pens, cups, handbags – and capture its multiple instances with photography. At the same time, take note of the location, time and other contextual information of each photo to document the process.


  1. Each student will take 30 photos of their chosen object and upload to Flickr.
  2. Print out your photos ( b+w laser fine) and trim them (approx. 4"x3")
  3. Find ways of organizing visuals using card sort - (in class exercise)
  4. Develop information architecture based on card sort and your own critical choices
  5. Interface and interaction design opportunities decisions
  6. Integration and visual treatment

See Process for more details


Each student will deliver two versions of the project:

  1. Exploring the relationship between content, structure and form, students are asked to develop new types of user experiences. Attention should be given to visual experimentation of type and image in order to discover innovative ways of presenting and changing the display of their designed objects due week 4
  2. In reference to organization schemes of image based web services discussed in class, develop a clear organization approach for your images. Think about labels and categories to arrange the content for findability and deliberate searching. due week 5

Create a main navigation page (index) from the root of your digital locker page that links to all the project 1 work exercises and final work

Design Exercises

This project will also include a series of small in class exercises, intended to review some fundamental concepts and techniques necessary for executing your designs for the web using CSS/HTML. All exercises will be due over the project timeline.

The final project and the accompanying exercises must be web browser viewable through the digital locker server.