Parting Thoughts

Words of Wisdom... from one Interactivity 2 Class to the Next.

Well folks, the time is upon us where we gather all our frustrations/challenges/late-nights-turned-brilliance into some parting thoughts for next years class. Beyond the massive resource list we've compiled on this Wiki, feel free to include a few lines below that will be here for those taking Interactivity 2 next year.

(Post your thoughts below: they can be simple or profound, things you learned or things to watch out for, etc. Use a divider & your name.)

Probably the single most important thing I've learned about Interactivity design is that it is no exception to the design process. For some reason I get the urge to jump right into Flash or Processing and start "doing-things", but the work I've been most fulfilled with and found to be the most effective has always started the same way any design project has started: with a pencil and paper, working out the concept.
Kyle Dutka (Lab 2 – Prof: Sharon Saporta)

What not to do to your future clients: watch video .
– Jacqueline Wong (Lab 1 – Prof: David Gelb)

Have some patience. Trial and Error. It really is a language, so keep practicing. Don't talk about, don't read about, just do it.
Judy Kim (Lab 2- Prof: Sharon Saporta)

Well I suppose I've learned that it's best to not limit yourself with the mentality that something is too difficult and to stay fresh and experimental without assuming that your software skills will limit you. I've seen a lot of amazing work come from people this year and it's a testament to their willingness to try new things and of course to help each other out. As Judy said, practice is everything, so just have fun with it, and try learning new things even when it's not an assignment, learning should take place outside of the classroom too :).

-Tara (Lab 2- Prof: Sharon Saporta)