Class Participation

For class participation, students are required to contribute to the on-going development of the class wiki. This wiki will be the central gathering point for working on ideas, building design knowledge and hosting resources for furthering class understanding.

Continued success of the wiki as a learning resource requires thoughtful and frequent input from the class. This means that students who contribute regular and relevant assets for the class, will achieve a higher level of participation.

In the spirit of wiki, contributions are not individually "owned" but can be seen as collaborative documents and therefore public property for all members to edit and improve. However, to deal with the academic realities of evaluation, each student will create a page that outlines their important contributions and links to the referring page.

There are two components of wiki participation peer feedback and community building

Peer Feedback

Throughout the term, students will comment upon and provide constructive feedback to their peers. By identifying the strengths and areas needing attention, we can support each others success while continuing to practice effective written communication to advance our practice as designers.

The feedback will given at specific intervals that coincide with the course work. In this way, the feedback will be a useful for providing needed input and a outside perspective. For feedback to be effective, please use the feedback page as a reference for being a good critic. This will be discussed in more detail by your instructor.

Some criteria to follow:
  • write in discussion post on the referring page
  • delivered to at least 2 different projects...your choice of which (any section)
  • quality over quantity but aim for about 80-100 words each

Dates for feedback are as follows:
  1. End of week 4 - Jan 29
  2. End of week 7 - Mar 5
  3. End of week 10 - Mar 26

Community Building

The success of this wiki depends on a sustained effort by community members in fostering an active intellectual space. This a shared space, in which the community is accountable for its own development. Community building may include (but not limited to) :
  • organizing wiki pages - if you see something that needs changing, then change it
  • class notes- if you want to re-iterate/reflect/expand on themes discussed in class, then do it
  • summarize readings - if there is a reading assigned, then post your summary to highlight the important features
  • content updates - if you recognize that some content is missing or needs upadating, then update it
  • building resources - if you discover a resource like an article, website, product, YouTube video, event, case study, designer, studio, then post it (but don't forget to annotate to underscore the important parts you found or your opinion on it)
  • FAQ - if you have a question, then ask it...and better yet, if you know the answer (or have a good idea of where to find it), then answer it

Overall, if there is something that is posted that you think needs fixing, then improve it... it's your space to learn and enjoy

This will be ongoing throughout the term and will require frequent attention

Grading Breakdown

The total weight for Class Participation is 20%