Project 2: Content and Code (25%)

For this project students will create new tools and processes for producing visual and multimedia content. By using Processing software, students will design and code a series of operations to generate content not easily created using standard desktop tools. In this way, students will create new content that integrates typography, photos, illustration, video and sound by building output mechanisms in Processing.

Conceptual Process

Each student will document and map a journey; this could be a journey from home to school, a recent outing downtown, a walk through a neighborhood, a drive to another city, a hike in the woods… by train, plane, bike, skateboard or snow shoes. By capturing samples of images, sound and typography, students will document their journey and use this material in development of Processing mechanisms. These things can be very concrete or abstract, but ideally a combination the two. This strategy may also include making some content strictly with Processing.

Technical Process

Students are to plan and execute a 8-10 sketches and must include the following:

1. Dynamic output - save file(s) at various states to pdf,
2. Typographic experiments - expand upon Ex2
3. Image processing - use of captured images (photos, scans, illustrations, etc)
4. Video (sound optional) - output of motion to video format

Import of Processing libraries will be needed to output content for use on the print, web or other broadcast environments:
  • Video
  • PDF
  • Minim Sound
These will be covered in class.