Interactivity Based

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M.Ward Music - Interactive Website
M. Ward
This guy has some sweet tunes and a cool flash website to complement his music skills.
Check out the TV knob interactive feature in the bottom left corner.

Jesse Schell: When Games invade real life

An inspired, and perhaps slightly frightening, talk about the power of games and our human desire for achievement through interaction.

Feltron talks about how he used Processing in his annual report HERE

45 Powerful CSS/Javascript Techniques from Smashing Magazine

Jullien Vallee

Globo Logos from Julien Vallée on Vimeo.

Mouse Path!

external image mousepath-2.jpg

This is so cool. It tracks your mouse movements and clicks so you start to see some cool patterns.



An interactive tool that can be used with Illustrator to create amazing effects!

In Bb – 2.0


A collaborative music project that produces some great results through a very simple but effective grid interface. The potential behind this concept and the method of generating content through YouTube is really interesting. Happy creating! ---KyleDutka

Orba Squara

external image full_orbsq_introscreen.jpg

This website was created by members of Random Collective for the band Orba Squara. The site is set up as a visual diary of a road trip the band took, and makes use of a horizontal scrollbar. The scroll is 430 ft long (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and takes you through their roadtrip through photography, illustration and music.

Little Wheel (Mouse Clicking Game)

external image Screen-shot-2010-01-20-at-12.55.49-AM.png

Take some time and try it out. This game brings such a different kind of experience for online gaming: very simple and easy puzzle game. Interesting to point out the learn-ability is very successful as you can pretty much click anywhere in the game to do any sort of action. The visual appeal is what makes it stimulating and brings a kind of experience with its story and game play.

Try it out for yourself to see what I'm talking about.

Universal Everything


A design group based in the UK. Their work is a really cool mix of design, sound, art and technology. They've done some work using Processing too (above).

LAIKA – Interactive Font

LAIKA from Michael Flückiger on Vimeo.

"With LAIKA, there is finally a font that can seamlessly use the whole spectrum of its cuts. A font that is able to move between its extremes in real time. An interactive font that is able to respond to its surroundings." ---LAIKA website

A really interesting concept that hybrids typeface design and interactive design. After the initial viewing, I thought to myself that this was simply some sort of very interesting experiment but that had no pertinence in reality. However, further reading of the rationale and methodology shows that it really does, at the very least, dip typography into a untapped and potentially fascinating new pool of interactive integration. ---KyleDutka

Pranav Mistry: The Thrilling Potential of Sixth Sense Technology

Pranav Mistry talks about his wearable Sixth Sense device, a tool which basically eliminates boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

Interaction Design Blog


A website that features interactive design. This particular post introduces a kind of technology where you use a glove (or two) to control items on a screen (think: Minority Report). It shows what interactive design can do.


awesome music video , done by flash