Best Web Gallery
Features a gallery of some really cool websites.

50 Fresh Portfolio Website for Your Inspiration
These are so nice! Definitely check some of these out, might give you ideas for the final project.

Top Ten of 2010
So I'm not quite sure how they can call them the top ten of the year since it's only march but alot of them are really cool and really interactive in other ways other than just the navigation.

Cool website created with flash. Very interesting way of using typography and manipulating with flash. Also uses a fun way to incorporate music and sound effects when interacting with the website either by going through the menu or through the pieces of work.

A collection of websites that show what flash is capable of doing. A lot of really cool websites and most are very interactive.

A cool and fun interactive website made with flash. Shows how much you can do with flash how interactive and fun you can make such a simple idea.
40 Examples of Incredible Hand-Drawn Typography
An amazing source of inspiration for hand-drawn type. It really helped me out with ideas for Type 3 this year, so you guys have to see this!

49 Cool Business Card Designs
I found this website to be very interesting to help inspire designers create business cards. There is already a set perception of a standard business card but this site allows you to see what is available and how you can look beyond a standard 2.5x3 inch business card.

The website shows the best of Typography work on the web, from videos to images. Everything is full of great design and inspiration.

Similar to Typography Served, almostModern provides much inspiration for designers focusing on print design.
A great site to get inspired by when looking at the many creative portfolios, projects and collaborations in their gallery.

Clients from Hell
Similar to, ClientsFromHell is a Tumblr blog where designers post hell stories of ridiculous things that clients say. (Caution: Don't read this in class! You will literally "LOL".)

Communication Arts
This is a the site for the magazine "Communication Arts". "Web Picks" provides excellent examples of award-winning web design.

An example of a website with cool navigation features, incorporating elements like Flash rollovers. This site basically showcases the company's previous work.

Ever wondered how 20 popular websites looked like when they were first launched? Check this out!
A great gallery site for inspiration related to typography, web art, page layouts, and other sections of design.

Design Observer
This site is really good for reading up on what is going on in the world...not just design. A lot of the articles do, however, relate back to design in some way or another. It is a really good way to procrastinate!

Don Hertzfeldt
Don Hertzfeldt makes some pretty hilarious and cute animations and short films. "Rejected" blew up on the internet in the early 2000's, among younger people such as myself, and just about everyone I knew. Totally worth watching all of his stuff. (This is a link to a Youtube search page. If anyone has an actual website, please link to that!)

A really cool, interactive website that doesn't involve clicking! An interesting way of navigating around a webpage.

A blog with cool examples of what can be done with Processing. It doesn't explain how the examples were done, but nonetheless. it is a very good site to be inspired by.

This is a neat image bookmarking site... it has a lot of interesting images, many related to design/typography. A nice source for inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOOD is a collaboration of individuals, businesses, and non-profits pushing the world forward. Provides great infographics, and articles about great design that is changing the world.

Graphics Created with Programming
This article presents dozens of examples of motion graphics and interactive visuals created with computational code (with references and resources).

Her Morning Elegance
Amazing stop motion. Inspirational for any creativity. Shows specifically how everything interacts with objects and people.

A website with interesting, inspirational films/interviews/profiles on featured designers/artists such as Stefan Sagmeister, Milton Glaser, David Carson, James Victoire, and Paula Scher. The website also features short films, commercials, and mentions other website designers.

I LOVE Typography
This site is really interesting. There is an article about the top ten fonts of 2009! There are a lot of other articles about Typography that are very relevant...check it out!

Inspire me NOW
A friend showed me this last year. It is very inspirational!

If you need a fresh new look at different styles for websites, this is the place to go. This website provides inspiration for new, out-of-the-box website design.

Lost at E Minor
This is another great site to get inspiration from! Enjoy!

A very creative, interactive and playful website.

Mike Perry
Designer/Typographer/Illustrator. Has a lot of creative type and illustrations.

The Oatmeal
Very funny comics, stories, and quizzes by a former web designer (well not really former since he codes his own site). He writes and draws everything himself. Good way to kill time and not do homework. Here's a funny comic on How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell .

Olivia Bee
This site has a really cool information architecture. This girl is only 15. Her photography is pretty cool as well!

The Olympics and the City
This article is from Design Observer. It is really interesting and relevant to current events. Check out the design of the Olympic city, it's pretty neat!

Pete Bossley Architects
I really like this site, it is really easy to browse around and look at things. This firm is also doing some really inspiring stuff.

Play with Words
This is a really interesting website that features interactive type. I just thought it was an interesting idea.

Processing Group on Flickr
I found a processing group on Flickr. A lot of cool stuff going on here. Basically it taught me that once you achieve a higher understanding of the code, you can do a lot of crazy things with it. A little encouragement to further your studies in processing.

Processing with Information Design
Processing also can be used in Information Design. Wow.

Sagmeister Inc.
This is Sagmeister's offical site. It is pretty fantastic! Check it out.

The Future of Design is Human Centered
This is another great TED talk given by Paul Bennett. I find it to be very relevant to what we are studying in Interactivity.
Absolutely the best (in my opinion) source for web design inspiration.

The Powerful Link Between Creativity and Play
This is a very inspirational TED talk given by Tim Brown (from IDEO Design Firm).

Typography Served
By far one of my favourite websites for typographic inspiration. The website has designs created by different designers using a variation of techniques and styles. Very helpful when you need a little help on your design homework!
A website that has great prints and photographs. Provides great inspiration for projects.
A large collection of sites that have great Flash effects and examples.

Youtube + Processing
A lot of great videos of Processing projects! Check it out for inspiration!

Village Fonts
This is an awesome website to get fonts from. It is also set up in a really interactive way. It uses stickies like on your Mac as part of the navigation! Check it out!

Kitsune Noir
This is a really great site for inspiration. He is a young graphic designer who actively updates his blog with interesting new designs, music videos etc.

Open Processing
A community to upload and share processing sketches and view others

A website for a variety of typographic inspiration. Is always updated for new styles.

but does it float
a really cool art/design blog with perma scroll! There are some really interesting art works on here and it updates frequently

New Math by Craig Damrauer
Look at the world differently, and potentially in a more rationally light-hearted way. A creative thought process.

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Pattern Tap Browse through great web and interface design based on elements (i.e. typography, navigation, etc.). A great way to get inspiration when you're interested in researching a specific element or portion of a new layout.

Similar to Pattern Tap, although also incorporates full websites as well as specific elements. Another great source of quality inspiration.


JESS3 / The State of The Internet from JESS3 on Vimeo.

A really awesome and insightful video about the current state of the internet.

In Week 7, we discussed the use of an all-green background (0,255,0) for video production, and I was recently linked to this interesting video. It shows the production and uses of the green background, and how it is applied to all kinds of things that we watch. I hope you enjoy it!

really cool stop motion clip

Vanishing Point from Bonsajo on Vimeo.

An awesome, interactivity-based video.

Watch this video for a great and funny flash animation!

Flash Animation
2.1 Kids: Stable Population
Interesting flash animation about overpopulation. Click on related videos to watch more flash based videos.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version
If this doesn't make your creativity smile, there may be something wrong with you.

This site is amazing, David showed it to my first year class last year. It incorporates Processing in illustrator! Check it out.

This site is so cool. Are you sick of the music on your iPod? Stereomood is great because it lets you choose a playlist according to your mood or activity.

Tim Walker Photography
Tim Walker is one of my favorite fashion photographers. He does some really interesting elaborate photoshoots for fashion magazines.

Kuler is the best product (in my opinion) to create colour palates. Check it out, you can even pick a colour palate from a picture. Ps. it is an adobe product so you can easily export your colour palates from the site to your computer.

Innovative Interactivity
This site is really interesting and explores different methods and modules for interactive interfaces.