Exercise 2: Using Text in Processing

Processing Sketches:
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- Two
- Three
- Four

Project 2 : Using Processing to Document a Journey

- For this project, I decided to document my drive from York to my house in Ajax
- I have combined all my images into one Processing sketch
- Concept is that the user must navigate my car through the traffic, while making "pit stops" to view my photos from my journey home
- Use the arrow keys to navigate the car
- Not all photographs have been loaded yet
- Still working on the timing of the cars (right now it is very random, and sometimes there is no escape! You can swing to the far left at the moment without getting hit the entire ride... this will be fixed in the future!)
- Enjoy the ride!
- Feedback is always appreciated :)
- You can look at the code here

Play the game HERE (May take a while to load... it's a large file, please be patient!)