April 4
-added process sketched should have posted years ago.

- commented on student work that is already posted
Students include:
//**Erika Anderson**//
- Kyle Dutka-Anita


MAR. 7
- photostream of adventure posted
- uploaded website for processing
- sketches containing videos - still not working in browser, so included ZIP file of all sketches on site.

-finshed Project 2 - but still need to load files...
-used a lot of video and processing, so it doesnt seem the files work in the browser, need to look into it more.
- tried to view processing work of other students, but a lot do not work online.

FEB. 28
Commented on student work:
Xue (Exercise 2)
Anton Sanchez (Exercise 2)
Tphoebeyj (Exercise 2)

FEB. 24

Uploaded exercise 2 to wiki

FEB. 18
Better organized my wiki
- created links from work index that would bring peers to a page for project one and exercises etc. as i found it was getting crowded, if i continued to go about posting links the way i was they would probably take up half the wiki page.

FEB 04
- project 1.2 posted to digital locker
here are some images showing some process i went through for project 1.2

originally, i had thought that i would have the circles say nothing, and when they were rolled over they would identify the category.
however, i was concerned that the viewer would not see the navigation at all, so instead of it being filled in an showing the word upon
rollover, i made it so that we would always see the circles and the title, but the circle would fill upon roll over to signify a link (see next image)
image of final nav (mouse is hovering over personal)

this image is showing how each of the images on the home page is a roll over the opacity is greater upon interaction, and if one is clicked it will go to the according category "sorting" itself and the other related object. the category can also be reached using the circle navigation at the top left.
an example of a category page. (in all pages the navigation and headline are stationary images will scroll beneath them.
as well in the case of the description for each category, these words stay stationary as well.
FEB 03
- commenting on student work for project 1.1
- added some new links to wiki (both in my 'page' and in the Sandbox)

JAN 29
- posted project 1 (experimental)

JAN 22
- added some links check them out.
- card sort helped to choose sorting method

JAN 15
- exercise one posted to digital locker
- link to flickr photos posted